13Magnus Reawakens on September 23rd

Help the Resistance secure another win in DC!

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Information on how to travel to the nation’s capitol, and how to make your way around the city once here!

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Hotels and Lodging

Hotel blocks, room sharing requests, lodging information, and more!

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Visitors Guide

A great way to get the most out of your visit to the District! 

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Missions Guide

Guides for enjoying the unique portals, missions, and oppertunities in the dense areas around DC!

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AndWashington DC answers the call to RESIST!

Join us in our nation’s capitol for a Ingress event to remember! With world-class museums, monuments, and architecture, DC provides the backdrop to a showdown of Magnus proportions. The Resistance and Enlightened will engage once again, and we need you to join the fight for humanity’s future! 


A community like no other.

The DMV – meaning DC, Maryland, and Virginia – is home to one of the largest, most diverse, and most dedicated player bases in the country. Being only a few hour drive away from a dozen major cities and over 50 million people, this event will draw upon thousands of players’ experience, effort, and dedication. Be a part of that diversity and drive which makes the DMV so special! 


A legacy of Anomaly excellence. A bright future ahead. 

With events taking place in DC during the Cassandra, Shonin, and Persepolis Anomaly series, as well as nearby events during Helios, Interitus, Aegis Nova, Darsana, and Abaddon, the DC area is rich in Ingress history. As we prepare for 13Magnus Reawakens, veteran and recruit alike ready their XMPs and Resonators, sign up their teams, and prepare for another outstanding DC Ingress event. 

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Visitors and Mission Banners Guides!

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