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DC Mission Day!

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Washington, DC Ingress Mission Day

September 24th, 2017

We’re proud to announce that we have heard back from Destination DC, the official visitors bureau of the District, and they are officially supporting an Ingress Mission Day in Washington DC onĀ Sunday, September 24th! Negotiations for a Mission Day have been a major cross-factional effort up until this point, and although details are not finalized, we look forward to bringing you more information as it becomes available. As this is the day after the anomaly, if you need to book overnight accommodations in order to experience both events, feel free to check out ourĀ hotel blocks here!

What is a Ingress Mission Day?

A Mission Day is a casual Ingress event that is both done as part of an anomaly weekend, or as a standalone event, such as the events in Fredericksburg, VA or Philadelphia, PA in July. These events are more social than competitive, and generally only take an hour or two to complete. On the 24th, Niantic will bring 18 special Mission Day missions, highlighting distinctive, historically important, or visually beautiful parts of the city, and Agents will have a few hours to walk, bike, and drive around to complete these missions. Completing 6 or more Mission Day missions will qualify you for an Ingress Mission Day in-game medal, as well!

Future Updates

We hope to update this post soon with information concerning the event’s itinerary, registration, layout of the missions, and more as it becomes available, so watch this space!