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13Magnus Reawakens – A brief look back at anomalies in the DC area.

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The DMV has always been one of the premier Ingress communities anywhere, and we have a huge, diverse history of anomalies in the region to show for it. In this retrospect, we’re going to look back at some of our team’s successes, and highlight just how awesome the DMV community at large is. Starting out,  we were fortunate enough to receive and event during the first modern Anomaly series- Cassandra, in the summer of 2013.

Looking back at Intel screenshots of the time, I’m reminded how much the map has grown since 2013. This area today easily has 300 portals, yet during Cassandra, had only about 2 dozen.

Agents gather outside the National Portrait Gallery for Measurement 4.

Agents swarm the National Mall for Cluster 1.

Cross-faction after party at Penn Social, complete with John Hanke, Brandon Badger, Joe Philley, castmember Oliver Lynton Wolfe, and other Niantic employees.

Cassandra Event Page with tons of pictures:

When the dust settled, the result was unquestionable. The Resistance had taken the day!

Cassandra was the first time many players on the East Coast had experienced a large-scale Ingress event, but it certainly wouldn’t be the last.

The following summer, the area got swarmed with four rapid fire anomalies, first in Gettysburg, PA for the Interitus series, then in Philadelphia, Richmond, and Baltimore for the Helios series, all in the span of a few months!

Resistance agents gather on the rainy Gettysburg battlefield in May of 2014 for the Interitus series! M1 and M2 were played under blue skies, and the result was a crushing Resistance landslide

The Resistance shows their strength on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art before the kickoff of a scorching 102 degree July day for the Helios series, with another decisive Resistance victory!

Resistance agents rally on a sunny August day in Richmond before heading into another round of Helios.

DMV agents march on the Baltimore Inner Harbor in what came to be known as the Rainomoly! Nobody left that day with any inch of dry fabric on their bodies, that’s for sure! This one was close, but the Resistance once again emerged victorious, if a bit soggy.

After the conclusion of Helios, which resulted in Resistance victories in Gettysburg, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, everyone was looking forward to a few months rest and…. just kidding! Darsana Virginia Beach is here!

An anomaly on the beach, in November? Why not! Another solid Resistance victory!

Hey, a few DMV agents even trekked up to Hartford, CT Darsana in December 2014 to go play in the snow and to beat the frogs again!

With another victory in our belt, our next challenge would be something unlike anything we’d ever experienced.

With the dawn of the Shonin anomaly series came Shonin Shards, and the Washington Monument was announced as the Resistance global shard target for a whopping 5 weeks straight. The Resistance came together in this event more than ever, and ended up scoring 13 shards for the Resistance, to the Enlightened’s 0, in an event that’s come to be known as 13-0! A source of pride to this day for many DMV Resistance, it shines bright as an example of why this community can hang with the best of them on a global scale.

After Shonin Shards, we hardly had time to rest on our laurels, because here comes Persepolis, and with it another Washington DC primary on May 30th, 2015!

This event was massive, and drew a international crowd! It also introduced GoRuck events into the world of Ingress, and was one of the first GoRuck Ingress events in existence. Pictured: the UCR team from Chicago, part of the GoRuck event, the afterparty at National’s Park, and the rally point with thousands of agents present for the group picture. Pictures don’t do the scale of this one justice! Unfortunately, the Enlightened took the day in no small part to their aggressive inoculation strategy necessitating the majority of their agents missing the picture above, but the day was well fought, and it remained a nail-biter till the end!

After the conclusion of Persepolis, the area has enjoyed a relative break in the action, with many in the area making a small trip out west for Pittsburgh Abaddon, north for Brooklyn Aegis Nova, or north again for Portland Via Lux, pictured below.

Cross-faction rally point in downtown Pittsburgh, right around a massive Christmas tree!

Agents in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park relax in a gazebo before heading back out into the Memorial Day weekend heat and commotion.

DMV Bike Team represents in Portaland!

Looking back at our team’s long term success, proven track record of anomaly victories, and passion for the game, it’s hard not to get excited heading into another chapter in the DMV’s outstanding commitment to fun, teamwork, and the Resistance cause! I’m excited to still be with this group, 4 years later, and I hope you’ll all join me on September 23rd in showing the frogs who’s boss once again!

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